Tempting Tempeh

Restaurant/ Cafe: Democracy* Coffee House

Pictured: Tempting Tempeh Sandwich

Address: 202 Locke St S, Hamilton, ON L8P 4B4

Hours: 6:30AM–10PM

Rating: It was tasty. Sandwich bread was too thick for my liking. Served on a cutting board, very cool. Relaxed ambiance. There is a garage door that opens up the whole café; it is kept open during the summer, nice breeze.

-A little project-

Being on the road for work has its pros and cons. I miss my family, my partner, my canine babies… but it also has some positives. Asides from the fact that I love the work, I can also spend time hunting down delicious vegan places to eat during late afternoons and evenings. I am not a food critic so I won’t get fancy. I will keep it simple. Tasty? Not so tasty? Average? Above average? 

Spending so much time alone gets boring. I work, exercise, eat and take photos. I decided to combine my love for healthy eating/cruelty free eating/vegan eating and photography.

Also, I want to share these local gems in case YOU are in that area. I hope you can make cruelty free food choices, it can be delicious!




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