To: The Brave

On Thursday, February 2nd food service workers at York University joined in strike. Workers at the main campus were ready, as seen by the 100 percent strike vote.

Workers have been and continue to experience all kinds of abuse in the workplace. This has got to stop.

Aramark, subcontracted by the university to provide cheap food services, employs the food service workers. The workers, represented by UNITE-HERE Local 75, have been trying to negotiate a contract that adheres to the following:

  • An immediate raise to $15 an hour
  • Improved benefits
  • Paid sick time
  • A safe and healthy workplace
  • No more harassment
    • Stop anti-Black racism
    • Stop Islamophobia
  • The right to organize

All of these things are basic human rights! We must stop the racist capitalist institutions that value profit over living beings.

Precarity affects us all, it is not exclusive to food service workers. We must educate ourselves and stand up, as this is a joint struggle!

Thank you for your bravery,

In solidarity,






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